Since 1997, Young!Tanzsommer offers a twelve day summer dance intensive for youth companies to perform in Europe, starting each year in mid-June. Our program is for dancers age 10 to 18, no matter if they are in small or big companies. The tour includes master classes, performances, philantrophy, and travel in Austria, Germany, and Italy, all carefully chosen for your company.

It was all started by Gail and Bryant Jensen from Texas in 1997. After Bryant´s death in 2006, Glenda Brown and her daughter Vanessa took over. Glenda is the founder of Allegro Ballet of Houston and owns Allegro Ballet Studio in Houston, Texas. She was one of the founders of Regional Dance America and served as its president for ten years.


The Young!Tanzsommer companies are offered professional masterclasses in classical ballet, hip hop, jazz, and contemporary dance in several of the cities we visit.  Besides European dance masters, Young!Tanzsommer´s own Thom Clower teaches master classes in classical ballet, and Carly Crowder teaches Jazz.

Performances and Venues

About 11.000 visitors each year come to see the various performances of the young American dancers in more than 22 shows and events. Young! Tanzsommer has operated as "Stars of Tomorrow" in all types of venues:  in Innsbruck at the legendary
Dogana Theater, in Vienna at the Odeon Theater, which was the old agricultural stock-exchange, at the historic fort in Kufstein, on our stage in the square in Lienz and St. Johann in Tirol.

Some of the most cherished performances of the tour are those Young!Tanzsommer does for the schools for handicapped children.  The audiences the young dance companies perform for are so appreciative and engaged, and Young! Tanzsommer is honored to make contributions to them, cultural, dance, and monetary.  Young!Tanzsommer dancers are moved by their interactions with these special children!


Additionally, philantrophy is a keyword for Young!Tanzsommer; we offers many opportunities for the dancers to meet local Austrian teenagers through workshops, dancing and city tours by the Austrian youngsters for their American guests. Let friendships begin!


Young! Tanzsommer also has a professional Austrian tour guide on staff. City tours in Venice, Salzburgand Neuschwanstein are arranged for Y!T guests to enrich their visit and give the company members a cultural experience wherever they go. Y!T participants are treated to fantastic food and drink, beautiful hotels, and lots of entertainment andrecreational choices.

The sights, sounds, tastes, and experiences the participants have at Young! Tanzsommer are unparalleled.
It is truly the trip of a lifetime!
The friendships and connections they make on this trip will last a lifetime too!